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Monday, November 30, 2009

December brings festivities!

I am so excited about December this year...not that I'm any richer than last year (cuz I ain't) but I'm happy about Christmas movies (Elf, The Santa Clause, You've Got Mail...just to name a few), the holiday music (lots right here on my blog!), lights on my shrubs (getting ready to be lit tonight), a decorated Christmas tree (yup! it's all done!), our holiday parade (where my girls walk with the scouts, i'm not sure if the donkey is coming with us this year tho, lol), baking festive cupcakes with red and green sprinkles, hot chocolate, warm muffins, cozy blankets and the anticipation of Christmas "Eve" morning when we open gifts (that's when my kids open their gifts).

Right now I'm looking for fun small things to put in their stockings. I do this every year and it's so great! I used to put matchbox cars and tiny barbies in there, but now they're asking for other items (life saver mints and lip gloss) so it's going to be fun for me to go looking.

This week is very busy for me, not only with work but with festive things too. My dear friend Jenny is getting married this Saturday evening and it's going to be a reunion of sorts because many of our high school friends will be there. I'm excited! Then on Sunday my kids are in our church Christmas production (can't wait!) and then later that night we have a Red Neck Christmas party to attend. What does one wear to such an event? Well, I've been told that you can come pregnant while dressed up in a house coat or a mu-mu. lol (niiiice) I'll keep you posted.

Well I need to scat! I'll talk to you soon!

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