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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

blog blues...

i'm trying to decide if my blog is driving me nuts. i think it is. just so you know. there's too much going on. it gives me hives to look at. you? what do you think? i have blog blues...or blog woes...or whatever.

ok, so, all the things ordered in the last week will ship today. i'm sorry for the delay. i had no tags and no crimp covers (which can be seen in all the photos! ugh! i hate crimps! they need covered! if you ever purchase jewelry from someone who makes jewelry, like i do, and they don't use crimp covers to "cover their work" then i wouldn't even buy it. is that bad? i didn't use to use them because they didn't make them but now they do and i love them. it makes for a lovely finished piece...okay off my soapbox)

gotta get some ideas for beads. got any takers? color combos you'd like? drop me some comments or emails so i can focus today! deanie is home with a double-ear infection and bronchitis, nice huh? she's still in bed and it's nearly ten. poor thing. well i gotta go, chat with ya later!

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