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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ok peeps! what i meant was............

i think my blog is annoying to LOOK AT, not the stuff i write on my blog. lol! your emails cracked me up! i can blog any ol' day and i love it, you know, cuz uh, i chatter and have issues. whatever.

so what i meant was.... the colors of my blog, the frilly whispy things on the sides and the polkadots. it's just all tooooo much. take for instance the blog i just-last-might-built for me and my chubbish trim and sassy friends. lol well, we WANT to be trim and sassy! that's the plan anyway (as i munch on a bag of banana chips so i don't starve from not eating very much today). my high school reunion is this summer and i don't necessarily care what they say i look like but i would enjoy looking nice in all the photos they snap. yee gads! i can just see me in some sort of odd position, yapping away at an old friend and someone says, "who's that?" and they say, "oh that's laurie fleischhauer" and then they say, "NO WAY! she's fat!" okay. okay. so my friends wouldn't do that, it's just in my brain, so that's why i am getting myself whipped into shape... or dropping forty pounds cause i think that would be good, right? right!

okay so i meant that my blog is messy! the look of my blog. i hate the colors. i hate the bits here and there. i just do not like it. like Lola's hat, i do not like it. nevermind. you wouldn't understand, unless you were like six maybe seven years old. :)

so i'm done for the day. gots stuffs to do's! :)

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