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Monday, January 4, 2010

My 2010 Resolution.

Hello! I'm back! Are you ready for me? I have all sorts of new things up my sleeves and can't wait to get started!

So. I have a resolution, something I rarely ever do because, like most people, I rarely ever keep them... however, this year I'm going to do actually do this one. :) In short, I volunteer for too many things and am always stressing over them. So this year I'm going to finish my obligations and not add to them again. I'm going to do one and do that one thing well, you know what I mean? That's my resolution. What's your resolution? And don't say losing weight because I've tried one before it's a tough one to stick to, don't get me wrong, I do plan on getting into shape but I'm not putting it as a resolution. Nope. Not falling for that trick! No way!

So, onto jewelry talk... one new thing this year will be more simple necklaces. I like wearing them so I know you will too. :) I have a slew of new chains coming and lots of cute little charms to go along with sassy beads. Can't wait!

I'm currently waiting for my silver to arrive. Yay! It's always so much fun when silver is on its way. I didn't plan for it to be late, it just is and because of that it will give me some time to get my house back in order, clean out my mail room (i'm thinking of doing some major rearranging), do a bit of sewing (!!!!), bake some cupcakes?, and do some other crazy things like hot-gluing stuff to the walls. you just never know! crazy i tell you, crazy!

You all have a terrific evening. I think we're having spaghetti... or chicken legs... I dunno... but I'll be having a Lean Cuisine, cuz um, I'm back on my diet. Boo hiss!


Pretty Things said...

Waiting for the silver to arrive - I love waiting for that FedEx box from Indonesia!!!!

Liberty :) said...

Mine is definitely losing weight!!!!! Need to in time for my WEDDING! Yay!