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Thursday, January 14, 2010

i. am. switzerland. {Twilight inspired Charm necklace}

Okay, so it turns out that several of you have never heard the term, "i am switzerland?" Huh. I thought that was an old saying, you know, where you don't take sides on something? Say for instance, the choosing between Edward and Jacob in the Twilight Saga books? lol

It didn't stop you from buying it though, so that's good. I had several in stock but now I'm out and those of you who ordered them will receive them before Valentine's Day, since of course, you need to wear your 'loves' on the biggest Love Day of the year! :)

I'm putting in a final order on Monday, so if you want to purchase the 'I. Am. Switzerland." charm necklace, please do so before Monday (I put in my order around 10a so it can ship the same day).  After this order it will be a while before I can have this available since the company requires a hefty minimum for vendor purchases. That's how I'm able to bring the price down too, so it makes everyone happy. :)

The chain is a 1.5mm sterling silver ball chain that measures 18" in length. The charms are so sweet too, a cut-out apple, the "Be Safe" charm in Edward's script and of course some jingles that just catch the sun and add sparkle. :)

I hope you love it. I do. To view additional photos and see its listing, go HERE.

Tonight I'm taking a gaggle of girls (and Nathaniel with his little girlfriend, Jennifer) to Champs Skating Rink. The girls are so excited to wear their new skates they got for Christmas. I remember when I had skates... I would skate for hours in our garage. :) It was wonderful. My girls however, skate INSIDE my house (it is, after all, cold outside) but let me tell you, don't get near them or they'll run over your toes. Yikes! Anyway, tonight will be fun for them. :)

I can't tell you how glad I am that tomorrow is Friday. My voice is sounding a bit better but it's been nice to avoid the phone. Oh, by the way, my Christmas tree is STILL up. Yeesh. I am hoping to find time this weekend to put it away, otherwise I'll be like a friend of mine who ended up keeping her tree up until March. lol

Have a sunny day.

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

How funny, I have some of those beads but with blue skies! I forget what I called the bracelet. I like the apple charm!