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Friday, January 15, 2010

Issues with my blog?

Hello my peeps! :) How's your day going? It's so sunny here, that whether you're in a bad mood or good mood, you can't NOT be happy about the shining Sun! :)

Okay, I got an email from a friend today, asking about the "jibberish" with my blog. This is not the first time someone has said this, the only other person was my Mother and I honestly thought it was her monitor or some sort of browser setting. However, now with this second mention of it, it must be an internet issue. Here is a screen shot taken from my own computer that I took about ten minutes ago... it looks fine to me. I'm not sure what the problem is but since I'm not experiencing it, I don't know how to fix it. Personally, I'd say that it will fix itself eventually, but if you continue to have issues with the text on my blog, try another browser. I use Internet Explorer as most people do, but many folks use Mozilla-Firefox and it seems that this might be where the problem might be...except I just now tried that and it looked fine to me too. ::sigh::

So, I really can't help. But my advice would be to switch to a different browser and see if that helps. :)

In other news... tonight I'll be working. I'm really looking forward to it too. Some orders I need to finish and some orders I need to begin. It's been interesting with the shift of schedules and the new way our house is running, but overall I think it's a good change. The kids miss Dad in the mornings, but honestly (and I hate to admit this) it's very quiet when it's just the kids and me. lol Yesterday when I overslept and Jeff was helping me get them ready, there were tears and loud voices. lol This morning when it was just me, it was virtually silent. lol I just think that I'm better cut out for the morning grind of getting little people with forgetful minds ready in the morning. So that's a plus, right? lol

I'll be listing some new things over the weekend but don't forget I'll be putting up my Valentine's Specials on the 20th. I'm excited! If I get overly excited I might just post them a day early...cuz ya know, I'm crazy like that.

You have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you later!


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