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Friday, February 12, 2010

still working...

It's nearly Spring!
Helllllo! It's Friday. Can you believe it? And what's even crazier, it's the middle of February. How in the world did that happen and isn't it grand that Spring is really so close we can taste it? Although not right now because it's so cold here that my nose hairs are screaming, HELP ME!!!! GET ME TO THE WARM AIR!!!! lol

It's been a productive day here and I'm still working so I can't post the new things just yet...but don't be a hater. I'm here. Right here working on very important orders (hello! you! and you! and you over there!) so bare with me. :)

The weather is calling for more (!!!) snow on Sunday and Monday and we're probably not going to have school. Gah! lol So I'll be working late tonight and tomorrow evening too, but count me out for tomorrow day. I'll be at the Bowling Alley with 200 other girl scouts from our area. lol I'm truly looking forward to it since I do enjoy bowling, but it will be a long day. Keep me in your prayers. ::giggles::

I need to scat. Kids to pick up from school and junk. You know. All that fun stuff that stops me dead in my tracks during my work day... yeah. lol Oh, did you watch Survivor last night? And who's with me on American Idol and how awesome is Ellen? She's so cute. I can't stand it. (again. no haters please.) Ellen is a gem! She makes life so much fun and how hilarious was it when she said, "what? I wasn't listening" to the contestant pleading for another try at singing? lol Lurve Ellen! Can't wait for the season to really begin. And Survivor! omg. Awesomeness right thar! It's gonna be a fun season. I can feel it! (no really. i can.)


Terry said...

Oh my goodness, that survivor was excellent last night!! My hubby kept looking at me funny when I would punch and hollar for the "heros" team. Guess I thought I was helping them or something :0)

Pretty Things said...

We got three feet of snow here!