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Saturday, February 13, 2010

God has more faith in me than He should. {updated}

Jeff and I awoke to a feeling of chill in the air and since we have a waterbed it's noticeable when you "get out of it." I say, "what's the furnace temp set to?" and he goes downstairs and looks. The next thing I hear is him taking off the furnace door, and realizing that it has again stopped working for the second time this year. I'm sad about this because it's just not what I needed right now and it's really what I didn't need this weekend.

Jeff and Natalie were headed off to a Girl Scouts event in Ohio while I am doing my own Girl Scouts event with my younger troop in Lexington (at 1:30p today). So I'm just bummed I guess. Sad about the fact that we can seemingly never get a real break, you know what I mean? Do you ever feel that way?

Normally my blog is a happy-I-love-all-things-around-me blog so if you're just tuning in, ignore my rants today. :(

Okay, why do appliances break on the weekends? This is the fifth time I have had an appliance, be it a dryer, washer, furnace, air conditioner...whatever, break or stop working on a Saturday or a Sunday. Once, I had an appliance stop working on a Monday holiday.

Then, when I have a tiny bit of extra money in my account that I intended to use on some spruce-ups for my living room (I have a dinner party in a couple weeks that's giving me hives just thinking about), the money ends up having to be used on something else? It's really always the way for me right now but I'm trying to get used to it. I know you know what I'm talking about so thank you for listening.

It's now 11a and I just found out that my other Girl Scouts leader won't be able to drive the girls to Bowling. So that leaves ME and 13 girls and my tiny car. I'm not sure what to do and well, it makes me sad. My whole weekend has just gone down the toilet and I feel like crying.

God has all this faith in me and really, I think He shouldn't. He never gives you more than you can handle right? Well, this is more than I can handle (at one time). Can someone please let Him know that the jig is up and He can move on to the next target? :o) (please realize this is a joke. I do not think that God is targeting me personally... I really should have said Murphy's Law... )

I'm sorry I didn't post new things. I promise soon.

Happy Valentine's Day?


So. I think I have the situation with the girls figured out because some of our parents have come to my rescue. Yay! However, Nicole isn't feeling very good (stomachache) and says she doesn't want to go bowling. I ran to Mac's to get her a video (Ice Castles, she loves ice skating... I think she'll love it). She'll be at home with Nathaniel. So, it's half good and half bad. Poor thing. She missed another girl scout event earlier in the year so she's upset about this. :(

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