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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Our friend Bill (husband to my dear friend Bonnie) came over to help us with our furnace. He is one smart cookie, knowing how to do all that stuff. He figured out what was wrong so we can get the part we need tomorrow (or Tuesday -- due to the holiday) and we can fix it. Yay! It saved me that's for sure. Thank you Bill!

Do you know we're supposed to get a "marathon" of snow in the next two days? I'm not ready for this folks because my frig is void so many things. I meant to go today but well, I just didn't take the time. I need milk, eggs, butter, bread and maybe a few things to make cupcakes for the kids, but that's it. So, if anyone wants to go pick that stuff up, I'll pay you when you get here. lol Nah, just teasin'. As they say, "white death is coming!" lol

Happy Valentine's day to everyone. I hope you all had a lovely day. :o)

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