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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i have come to the conclusion...

That it is impossible to work from home when everyone is AT HOME. Two snow days last week, two snow days this week and Laurie is so far behind in her work, that she's getting very stressed out. ::sigh:: But the kids are having so much fun playing in the snow. I ran out just a bit ago to grab a coffee from Thornton's (they have good coffee!) and when I came back home there were little girls playing in the snow. They were so cute.

So this post is to let you know that I'm working but I'm not getting very far. lol I did put up some new things but several have sold already.... but here's one of my favorites. :)

I love the magenta red boro beads. I love the crystal (which is a combination of gray and beige), my new favorite color now. :) If you'd like to see more photos, click HERE.

From what the weatherman says, we're supposed to get more snow but it shouldn't be much. Thank goodness! I have things to do and with the kids here it just seems all I do is help people on with snow gear and help them off, then put the clothes in the dryer so water isn't all over my floor, then make them something to eat and then they play for about an hour and we start the whole process over again. Gah! lol

Enjoy your day, wherever you are. :)

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