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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's really almost here! (sale!)

I thought this would catch your attention. How ugly-cauuute is this face? lol

Anyway... today I have girl scouts again. The year is coming to a close (can we have a Praise Jesus!?) and since Mother's Day is just around the corner, today we're going to begin on a project... for both our Moms and our teachers. The weather is going to be lovely so I'm looking forward to it!

We're still on track for tomorrow's sale. I need to get some custom orders out the door that should have been mailed last week... thank you for your patience! (Jenny, Fran, Krissy, Cynthia, Liz, Jailyn... and anyone else I mind is mush at the moment)  Anyway, I didn't forget about you! Also, I'll post all the orders so everyone can see them. :)

I hope you have a wonderful day. Can't you just feel the warmth of Summer coming? Yesterday I was out swatting at the wood bees with a tennis racket because they continue to invade the front porch. Dang those wood bees! They freak out the neighbor kids and Nadine hates them. ha. You should see us all out there with rackets, trying to kill them dead. :) I know. Exterminator. Yeah yeah. One of these days. Anyway, I was out there and I realized how much I was going to enjoy this summer more than most. :) No I'm not pregnant. Yuck! lol No, it's not that, it's just that we'll be able to spend more time together and go to the pool, filling up our days in the sun. I can't wait! Can you? We're also hoping to get a vacation in there too, but if not, there's always Fall Break.

Okay I'm outie. Have a great day and you'll see me tomorrow!


ps: remind me to tell you what i dreamed about the other night. lord. it was awful!!!! lol

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