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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild and Crazy Day!

A wild and crazy day was here in our small town yesterday (which continues on into today). I won't go into all the wild and crazy details, but in a nutshell...a convicted murderer being transported to another jail facility escaped authorities in our town yesterday morning. That caused a swarm of police officers to protect our town by closing off roads, putting all our schools on lock-down and having all parents pick up their child with ID ready. Yowza.

Despite his regular-looking features, he's covered in tattoos and apparently connected to the mafia.

My entire afternoon was spent in a car waiting to pick up children and then waiting to get home but the traffic was wild and crazy.

You know how I adore my town (we've lived here almost ten years now, and I will die here)... even with its one MacDonald's and one Kroger grocery store (we do have a Save-a-Lot but I don't go there so it doesn't count, you know?), I still love its charm and small-town homeyness. :) However, yesterday the people of Versailles went on shock-overload with the security that was buzzing about and the thought of a killer out on the loose was just a lot for everyone to handle. Personally, I didn't even worry about it. Why? Because when I lived in Washington, D.C. (five years), we had the Swat team surround our house because someone at the top of the street was being brought down for a drug bust (and we lived in a fairly nice area). Another time I was waiting at stop light and a gang was doing a "random" act of violence which meant bashing the windows out with metal baseball bats and grabbing anything they could get their hands on. I was pregnant with Nathaniel when that happened and in a Lincoln Town Car (so um? I couldn't just get out of that mess). I was praying for my life that these idiots wouldn't get to my car. Thankfully the light turned and I quickly drove away.

So. I've had my share of wild and crazy days and yesterday's wasn't too bad...but it sure was interesting to say the very least.

I'm looking forward to today and also, putting up the sale items. I'm going to put up as many as I can. :) I have my Girl Scouts overnight today so um... it's going to be wild and crazy! ha!

But I'll be back with some of this...

Be back soon!


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