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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New things to come {and bugs}

A new website design is underway. I'm looking forward to a bright, clean look to make the buying experience cheerful! (not that it wasn't before, just sayin', it's always nice to get something new, right!? i know! ::giggles::) And with the new site comes some fun giveaways, a few deep discounts and a bunch of sassy new designs! Can you hear the birds chirping? I know, me too!

So, onto other things.

Okay. Yeah so I don't like bugs. What of it? I mean seriously, who really likes bugs? They're creepy and do they really serve a purpose other than to be a feeder to animals that are higher in the food chain? Since my last bug post, :::shudders::: I haven't seen any more of the intruders, now that's not to say they're not here! I'm sure they're lurking in some corner or scurrying behind our walls and chatting about how they'll make their next big entrance! Ack! I so hate those bugs.

We went on our Girl Scout overnight last weekened and my co-leader, Toni, thinks it's super duper funny to say things like, "ooo Laurie, watch out, there's a roach near your foot" or, "watch out for the spiders" and then Laurie freaks and screams. Nice. Thanks Toni. You's a good friend girl. Not.

Toni has seen me in many a "bug situation". She's seen me nearly stroke out after a garter snake slithered over my flip flop while on a woodsy-walk (that snake was like 4 feet long! well, maybe 4 inches, but STILL! it's a snake!). She's watched the Brownies try desperately to tell me that there's a spider crawling up my sleeve (while on a nature hike and discussing the beauty of leaves and what-not), never minding to even mention the eight-legged CREATURE is on me! Um? Hello!? Where are the good friends when you need them? lol Toni gets a big kick out of the wicked humor of teasing someone (ie: ME) with the possibility that bugs might be nearby.

So, yeah.

My biggest fear? Spiders.

Hands down.


Once, in college my girlfriends and I were cleaning out our closets and a wolf spider jumped on us (because we were spraying the shelves with hairspray to get rid of the spider, but still it jumped on us!). Once, I was driving and one crawled down from my visor (because I had a bad habit of leaving my windows down at night) I nearly wrecked! Once, I was sitting in the garage and one just scampers by my leg. So yeah, "once" has happened to me way more than I'd like to admit.

What is your biggest fear? Hopefully you handle your encounters better than I do. I shriek and run for cover.

hee hee... after all, we are girls, right? :) We're not all beefy and supposed to like these things, right?



Kristen said...

Bees...definitely Bees, wasps, hornets or anything that BUZZES!!! Hate them!! I try to be brave so my kids wont be afraid of them and act like a crazy maniac like their mother! :)

Haley said...

I just killed a scorpion INSIDE yesterday. I'll take your spiders any day. Now, why do I live in the desert again? **shivvvvvver**

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I am not that afraid of bugs, but I can't stand snakes. In fact I hate them. Love & blessings from NC!

Sharlene said...

I am afraid of SNAKES! Once at family day in our town they had some snakes on the lawn and I thought maybe if I touch one it won't be so bad...well I did, a BOA and the tip of it's tail was the size of my elbow!!! No Kidding. What was I thinking?? Well, after blacking out I decided that wasn't such a good idea.