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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend relief.

Thank you for the emails regarding the fugitive and the scares it brought to our small town. Can you believe that two men from our community decided to go looking for him on their own Saturday morning? Crazy in a way, but then it makes me think..."um? what about the FBI and why didn't they find him?" lol These two fellas just went "looking" for him, clad with baseball bats in case things got serious. When asked why they went on the hunt, they said it was purely for money, thinking they'd get $100,000 dollar reward for his capture. Unfortunately, there was no reward. Poor guys. However, they said they were happy to help the police get this guy off the streets and back into custody.

The escaped inmate was found two streets over from our house (!!!) and next to the railroad tracks, which by the way, run directly behind my house. So I thought I would post photos of what the railroad looks like from the back of my house.

My back yard is long and narrow. I actually love it. It makes you feel like the woods are very close but yet we're actually in the "city" (if you can call Versailles a "city" lol). We can walk downtown but here we are with all these trees right in our back yard to enjoy. Love love!

The railroad runs parallel with the trees that you see in a line... but up the hill.

Several years ago some boys were playing (setting things on fire) in the tunnel and caused a 25 foot fire to break out, destroying our privacy fencing and also all the large old trees that were covering the support tunnel to the railroad. So now we have this open spot that we really want to cover up but until they put up this gate fencing, we were afraid since someone could get in there and start more fires. Nice. Just what we need.
Anyway, so this is what it looks like as of thirty minutes ago. :)

See that hole? It looks small but actually, you can stand up in there. The kids would LOVE to make it their hidy hole but it's just too dangerous. The grate is on the other side too, and I'd be fine with removing our side and letting the kids play in there (because they don't have destruction on their brains like some kids do) but I think that would cause more trouble in the long-run. So we just leave it like this.

This Summer we're planning to put up more privacy fencing (yeah!) and put up a picket fence. I'm excited about that addition.

I really enjoyed my weekend but it was just too short. My folks came from Cinci to celebrate Nathaniel's birthday and my Mom brought a sand table for the girls to play with. I never would have thought my eldest daughter, Nat, would enjoy it like she did. While I was washing dishes in the kitchen, I looked outside to see her playing (by herself) in the sand and just having a good time. Sometimes I think she feels she needs to be "grown up" before it's time. That makes me sad.

We have dogwood blossoms in bloom right now. It's that time of year when everything in my yard turns green and flowery. It's so beautiful.

Which brings me to today's special.
Yesterday I wore my Spring Babies sterling earrings to church and I got so many compliments and comments...
"oh those are just so cute!"
 "i love the little birdies!"
 "the ear wires are scrolly!"

So today and tomorrow only they'll be marked down just so you can enjoy your own pair this Spring.
They hang from artisan sterling ear wires with scrolls and have thick birdy charms that are beautifully shiny.

Click here to purchase!

I hope you have a wonderful day! It's so nice to have things back to normal around here. :)


1 comment:

Lanyardlady said...

Yikes. That's a scary feeling when it's so close by. I'm glad they caught the fella. Your yard is pretty and so are the little birdie earrings. Enjoy your week!