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Monday, November 1, 2010

A fun night for all!

Yesterday was a great day all the way around. We had church (which is always good) and I had coffee (which is gooder. what? gooders a word. shut up.) and we spent the remainder of the day with friends and watching our kids ring doorbells and beg for treats (which is way goodest!). So, all in all it was an awesome day!

Natalie is a Spider (it was tricky making that thing! but totally doable, hat & sweater leggings came from target, scarf from the dollar store), Nadine is a Wizard -- holding Harry Potter's Hedwig that she bought while we were in Universal (her cape was super easy but I burned my fingers a lot while glueing on those gems), Nathaniel was a "Black Eyed Pea" (and how easy was this outfit!? it cost like thirty cents) and Nicole was a Bling Kitty (skirt borrowed from Moon, gloves from target, leggings & Kitty mask from kroger--i added the bow, and everything else we had on hand) It was so easy to make these this year. :) I started on Saturday afternoon, however I had everything ready to go so there was no running around like a mad-woman, looking for that last thing. So it was all good. :)

(L to R) Maddie (Pirate Wench), Nat, Martha (Tigger), Katey (Princess), Nicole, Charlie (Buzz, look at his face, he's so funny), Gracey (Witch), Nadine, Katie (Ladybug)

The Pirate Wench, Ladybug and Buzz are Moon's kids and the Witch, Pretty Princess and Tigger are Annie's kids... you know who Moon is and Annie was Nathaniel's teacher and now she's Maddie's teacher. :) She is also one of my closest friends... i just love how small towns work, don't you?

yay! candy! yay!!!

check out my lasers!

which one should i eat?

:) she is so sweet. i love this girl.

these last three Moon took...

(notice all the "bling") what a sweetie. she really got into it. lol

she loved her outfit and had such a great time! my deanie.
sometimes i complain about making their outfits, but you know what? i really do love it. when i was growing up we never did this sort of thing, and it's just a matter of making time. ::sigh:: and not everyone has a lot of that, including me, but one of these days they won't want me making their costumes so i'm grateful for the chance. :)

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