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Monday, January 9, 2012

hello new things!

i'm so excited to introduce my new things. it's been a long time in the making and more difficult than i originally anticipated, but aren't all good things, really? when i had the desire to work in PMC {precious metal clay} i thought it would be super easy. here, almost eight months later, i'm feeling a little more secure in my work, having spent countless hours on drawings, revisions and yet more revisions...making microscopic changes that anyone might think as unnecessary... but each small change mattered. i am thrilled with the outcome and hope you will be too.

each charm is drawn and a relief is made, digitizing it in Adobe Photoshop. it's tedious but rewarding work. the digitized image is sent off and a prototype is sent back to me, and this is where i have to revise the image over and over and over again... well, until it's perfect. once i'm satisfied i make a clay impression into PMC (99% fine silver). various steps happen after i make the stamp, but it's finally fired, tumbled, oxidized, tumbled some more and polished to a high shine. each charm has its own personality which i love the most.

the love tree was something i wanted desperately to turn out the first time, but alas, it took almost six times for it to work out as i'd seen in my head. just a simple tree, sure, but the heart was either too big, too small, too fat or simply didn't look like a heart at all. i am so pleased with the its shape and more importantly the heart. <3

it really began with cupcake joy. i think she turned out as cute as a well, cupcake, especially with her heart on top. and again, it took roughly eight times to perfect. for some reason i was having a tough time with the look of the wrapper. one line would be off just slightly and make the entire thing look like it would grow legs and walk away. not the look i was going after. ha! in the end, it turned out as darling as can be and i absolutely LOVE her. :)

this was my most difficult. the coffee mug. i began drawing this in the summer. cracks me up to think how many times i sat down to sketch it out, only to get frustrated and toss the paper in the trash. i'd walk away and come back a few days later, hoping to have a clear mind. it wasn't until mid-december that it came together. the body of the mug was lengthened and i added more steam. originally, there was just one waft of steam coming from the top but it needed more. it took four times to perfect the width and length of the steam... sending it off to the stamp company and each returning incorrect... ::sigh:: i knew coffee would give a headache but this was ridiculous.

the final result is darling. this charm was made for my BF because she brings me coffee most days of the week. i love my java mornings with her.

this is how i wear my charms, in a cluster and i cannot tell you how many times i'm stopped and asked, "where did you get those?" and now i'm happy to say, "I Do!"

most necklaces run $69 which includes one charm, one pearl drop and sturdy sterling ball chain. you can also purchase charms separately, they're each $34. more charms are in the works... so be sure to get on my mailing list to be notified of new styles.

if you'd like to see my entire spring collection, click here.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Um I love these, and I may need them all.