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Saturday, January 7, 2012

picture project {month 1}

i complain all the time to friends or anyone who'll listen, that i love taking photos {i have a great camera that i've had a couple years and it needs to be used more} and yet i rarely pull it out. so enough is enough. i want to capture moments with my family {all together}. this is such a cool idea.

while catching up with favorite blogs, i've decided to do a monthly-family-portrait. i am SO excited! here's on of the blogs i read regularly and where i have stolen this idea.

Fourteen Thousand Days {blog}

i've chosen a photo from november to use as my first... i realize it wasn't taken by me but i love love love this photo. for two years i begged Moon to find me weeds so we could take our picture in it... so this is the first.

happy saturday everyone. i have been making some new things, oh and i'll have tiny charms up later today. :) finally!

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